Email Marketing

Although previously underestimated in many SMEs' digital marketing plans, email marketing has proven to be the best way to build relationships and convert customers into recurring buyers. Invest in an existing fanbase or customer base by regularly staying in touch with them, and offer added value like promotions, updates, and news.

Is your business facing these issues?


Turn Your Emails into Lead-Generating Machines that Amplify Your Brand

Email marketing is a smart investment for any company, no matter the industry. With our strategic results-focused approach to email marketing, your business can maximise marketing spend with tailored, high-quality emails for B2B or B2C.

Marketing Audit & Strategy

Like any successful marketing plan, email marketing also starts with an in-depth review of existing issues and performance data, to inform the goals and objectives of your business email marketing strategy.

E-commerce Email Automation

Deliver highly targeted content to your customer base with automated email programming for your online business - from abandoned cart reminders, welcome emails, post-purchase follow-ups, to re-engagement prompts. Leverage email automation to drive conversions.

Email A/B Testing

Test multiple aspects of your email marketing campaigns to determine a winning version that delivers higher click-through rates. From subject lines, designs, send schedules and more, strategic split testing different variations can mean big changes in your campaign results.

Email Design & Development

Our team of user-focused designers and copywriters knows how to create high-quality emails, with carefully crafted subject lines tailored for each customer segment, optimised for multiple devices.

Deployment & Management

Select the right audiences to blast compelling emails with a clear call to action. Review marketing goals, audience targeting, list maintenance, segmentation, automation to make sure your campaigns are running smoothly.

Reporting & Analysis

Measure campaign results and continually optimise email performance with detailed reporting on open rates, click rates, and more. Refine strategies from insights gained for better results.

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