Google Ads for Performance Marketing

A lack of awareness and stunted digital presence can badly affect your sales and growth potential. Take your business to the next level with tailored search ads and well-informed search engine marketing (SEM) strategies to reach customers and convert them more effectively.

Does your business need help with Google Ads?


Leverage on Google's Network to Bring in Leads to Your Website

Your customers spend a lot of time doing a lot online - from research to shopping. Hone your ads to reach customers across Google's network and meet their interests every step of their journey. Be it on Google's Search Network or Display Network, take advantage of Google's extensive reach to connect and convert customers more effectively via various channels.

Google Search Ads (Search Engine Marketing)

Google remains the No. 1 search engine use. Dominate the first page rankings on Google's search results to increase the visibility of your website, serving relevant information to customers that are searching for keywords or businesses related to yours.

Google Performance Max

Designed to complement Search Ads, this goal-based campaign is optimised to help you find more converting customers across all of Google's channels.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is second to Google as the most popular search engine - with 90% reporting that they discover new brands on YouTube. Reach and convert viewers to customers with optimised video ad campaigns for your business. (Source:#)


Results-driven Strategies with Performance-focused Campaigns

Hive & Nectar's customer-focused approach to digital marketing ensures no stage of the purchase journey is unaccounted for. We help optimise your marketing spend for better conversions and measurable results with an informed strategy and years of experience in utilising Google Network advertising channels.

Ensure First-Page Rankings on Google

More visibility, more traffic, more conversion. We strengthen and optimise your website, content, and keywords to help your business rank better on Google search results pages.

Plan & Execute Objective-driven Campaigns

Identifying measurable and feasible marketing goals sets the foundation for successful, performance-driven digital campaigns. When your objectives are clear, execution and progress measurement becomes more efficient.

Create Engaging Assets that Trigger Interest

Regular optimisation and testing guarantee high-performing campaigns. From static visuals to video content, we create relevant ad assets to engage, inform, and influence action from your audience.


Ready to Reach More Customers and Get Real Results?

Leads, traffic, and sales only flow to businesses by design. Engage anexperienced team to strategise and optimise your digital marketing campaigns today.


From 0 to 16,000 visitors in 6 months

Nano-G, a local SME, came to us with almost zero local search visibility and an ambitious goal to be at the top spot of searches in their highly competitive market. Within just 6 months after launching a paid ads campaign to their new website, they hit more than 16,000 web visitors with only a monthly budget of RM2,000.

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